Testimonials from My Supporters

Paul Betsina

I have had the great honour in knowing Adrian over the years. We both served our communities to the best of our abilities. I am a former Yellowknives Dene First Nation band councillor for Ndilo. On many occasions Adrian reached out to our First Nation to engage in more meetings to know our concerns within the city and improve relations. Thanks to our work together with city council and efforts of many, I believe the relationship between YKDFN and the city has never been better. My family and I throw our support behind him, the future looks bright with Adrian as Mayor. Mahsi Cho.

Margaret Marshall

I have paid close attention to what goes on at City Hall for many years and I believe that Adrian Bell is the right choice for Mayor for Yellowknife.

Although I’ve known him since he was a young cross-country skier and team-member with my own children, I came to know Adrian as an adult in the 2000s through a City of Yellowknife sub-committee that was struck to deal with littering issues.  I was very impressed by his work with the committee and his efforts to make Yellowknife a cleaner spot to live.  He was a great leader and the committee was making a difference - something of which we were all proud.  When Adrian left the committee to return to university in 2009, there was unfortunately a noticeable decline in progress.

I was pleased to see Adrian succeed in his bid to become a City Councillor in 2012 because I knew that  his passion for Yellowknife and the downtown would make a difference.  He is a great listener and I have enjoyed our chats over the years.  I have always felt that I could give him a phone call or an e-mail and he would be there to listen.  He has initiated meetings over the years, and I always look forward to them. 

Adrian is passionate about Yellowknife and about living in Yellowknife and making a difference.

Eric Sputek

I have known Adrian Bell a number of years and along the way followed his political efforts at City Hall; I believe his efforts have been impressive and believe he has intricate knowledge of issues that are of concern for all of us. With careful consideration I have made a decision to endorse him as my choice for Mayor of Yellowknife. We have great candidates but I feel that Yellowknife needs now more than ever what Adrian is offering in his commitment to our city and his approach to problems we face and more importantly his approach to opportunities we have. The opportunities we have are critical to the future of Yellowknife and I believe to all Yellowknifers. We need a “go getter” and “Can Do” attitude at the top seat at city council and I believe he is the best choice for all Yellowknifers.

Yacub Adam 

I have known Adrian for many years and in that time I got to know a person who was:  principled yet flexible, an advocate and activist, someone who cared deeply for the City of Yellowknife and its people. In all aspects of his work as City Councillor/Deputy Mayor, community activist and businessman, Adrian always came across as someone who wanted to do things that served Yellowknife and its people.  He invested a great deal of his energy in thinking of ways of doing that and working with a diversity of people to achieve this.  He always seeks results and his deliberations are geared towards that. Adrian has the courage to take on knotty issues without fear or favour – a rare commodity in today’s politics.

He can be assertive without being arrogant and is someone who is willing to listen to all sides, do his homework and come up with practical solutions that serve the widest section of our city and its people.

Adrian is hardworking and willing to invest the time, commitment and energy to make Yellowknife a better city that is reflective of its population.  As his manifesto demonstrates, you will see a thoughtful, hardworking person who has a very rare and comprehensive vision, in all aspects,  for our city.  He would be a mayor for a new Yellowknife that will stride towards a modern, compassionate and workable city.

I endorse him fully and without hesitation.

Arlene Hache

Adrian Bell is my choice for Mayor. He has a clear vision for the city of Yellowknife and has backed that up with balanced decision-making and concrete actions. He has a strong leadership style as evidenced by his hard work on our behalf as a member of City Council. Adrian has demonstrated his commitment to the city over the long-term, long before he entered the political arena. Adrian has the experience and the dedication to see Yellowknife set on a good path well into the future.

Michelle Ramsay

I will be voting for Adrian Bell for Mayor, not only because I believe he possesses the personal attributes that make a strong community leader, but also because he has demonstrated a strong track record on City Council and as a community member. 

If you scroll through his Facebook page, I believe you will see someone who: 

  • Has demonstrated genuine passion and concern for the community;
  • Feels the pulse of the city, whether through involvement on Council or through his work in real estate and business;
  • Has the ability to acknowledge and understand the City's current 'deficiencies' and areas of improvement;
  • (Perhaps most importantly) Is capable of visualizing Yellowknife's potential, even in light of its looming and significant challenges; and
  • Possesses the intellectual and interpersonal characteristics of a person who is prepared to confront challenges, rather than assume a figurehead role for the City.

Yellowknifers rightfully criticize this City's longstanding issues, particularly the cost of living and homelessness, to name a few. It's imperative that residents understand the magnitude of the challenges facing the City and the territory with the closure of the diamond mines, and use their democratic power to elect leaders with the capacity to make wise choices and advocate on behalf of residents. 

Cory Vanthuyne

I was on Council when Adrian first joined in 2012, and I can tell you first hand that he had an immediate impact on how Council operated.  Adrian is a person of vision and passion; he sees big things ahead for the City of Yellowknife and I don’t believe he will let up until we get there.  Perhaps most importantly, Adrian has shown time and time again over the last six years that he knows how to get things done - bringing forward motions, building support amongst his colleagues, and providing clear direction to City administration on important matters.  Effecting change is not easy and is not something all members of Council are good at, but it’s definitely a trait we need in our Mayor.  

There is no doubt in my mind that Adrian Bell is the Mayor Yellowknife needs right now.  With his leadership, the City will achieve great things.

Jenni Bruce

I have known Adrian for over twenty years and in that time I have always known him to be approachable, transparent and accountable. Adrian is always looking for ways to improve the quality of life in Yellowknife and is never afraid to ask the hard questions to bring us together. I appreciate Adrian’s passion for the community and trust him to listen and act.

Rommel Silverio

It has been a sincere pleasure working with Adrian on City Council for the last three years.  When I was first elected in 2015, Adrian reached out to me and offered to help bring me up to speed on City issues that might have taken much longer for me to learn on my own, and he continues to do this still, sharing his knowledge and perspective with myself and others.  He is a team player who has the best interests of Yellowknife residents at heart, and he is a passionate advocate for our city.  In many ways, Adrian has been Council’s leader for the last three years, and I know that he has what it takes to be a great Mayor.

David Ramsay

I have had the pleasure of knowing Adrian and his family for over 30 years. Adrian and I were business owners downtown in the 1990s and I always appreciated and admired his ability to be a step ahead of the curve. Adrian will bring a strong business-like approach to running our municipal government, bringing effectiveness, resourcefulness and a sensibility that is much needed. 

Yellowknife is at a stage in its development, as a capital city, where we can’t afford to passively await opportunities; we must be smart about who we trust with the future. Yellowknife needs a Mayor who has the stamina to stay focused and secure all available opportunities to attract and retain investment. Yellowknife has an incredible amount of potential that requires leadership, vision and dedication to achieve.

Adrian has demonstrated his ability to break down and understand root causes of complex issues. This is not a quality everyone possesses, but is a critical skillset if we are to give our city the best hope for addressing the issues that continue to challenge us. 

I, like so many other residents, love this city and see a wealth of untapped potential. Yellowknife has flourished in the past and it can again with strong leadership and vision. Adrian sees where we need to go and I believe he is the right person to lead us there.

Emma Atkinson

Adrian gave over much of his own time to sit down with me and my partner and talk over our business development and give his advice. He is optimistic for the future of Yellowknife and has lots of ideas about how to get the city where it needs to be and he is good at focusing them into a concrete plan. He stands out because he is proactive and goes after things to make them happen which is what we need right now. Development in the arts sector and small business community is important for the future of Yellowknife and it will be great to have a mayor who actively supports growth in these areas.

Paul Falvo

Adrian Bell is dedicated and hard working. As a downtown business owner he was working for the betterment of our city long before he was elected. I’m supporting Adrian for Mayor so he can continue his good work for our city. He’ll move us forward.

Duc Trinh

I’ve known Adrian for thirty years and during that time I haven't met anyone who is as passionate about our city’s future as he is.  He thinks big, and as a successful small business owner, he has proven that he knows how to turn dreams into concrete action.  I’m very excited to see what he can do if given the chance to apply his vision and knowhow to work for all of us.

Steve Payne

After working with Adrian for three years on City Council, I have no doubt that he’s the best choice to be our next Mayor.  As far as I’m concerned, he has been Council’s leader for the entire term, whether he was working with new councillors to show us the ropes, or bringing ideas forward to improve City operations, or, in the last year helping us navigate sensitive personnel issues.  Adrian is a principled person who is not afraid to stand up for what’s right, even if it’s not the easiest thing to do.  He believes that Council should be driving the bus, not sitting in the passenger seat, and I agree with him.  I know that Yellowknife will be in good hands with Adrian Bell as our next Mayor.

Christina Dawn Monroe

Over his tenure as city councilor Adrian has always been online replying to people's inquires and engaging his constituents. Even better he has done this between election cycles something I value highly in an elected official.

Adrian has always impressed me that his social media game exceeded others vastly in the civic politics here, raising the bar. It's one thing to throw up a page its another to maintain engagement and be responsive to people.  

I live and breathe politics. I am a full-time political volunteer. It was an easy yes to throw my support behind someone who reaches out to others and asks for help. Someone who values diversity and strength in others. Someone who knows to run for a job like mayor you need an entire team of people supporting you. 

I am proud to be on #teambell and support Adrian to become the next Mayor of Yellowknife.